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Losing a loved one is difficult enough. When it happens abroad, the powerlessness can be many times greater. You don’t know where to begin. Factors such as the language barrier, foreign laws, formalities and time make it difficult to take action. Grieving is pushed to the background and you have only one thought: „How do I get my loved one back home?“

For this I offer my services as a first contact. With my language skills, experience with deaths abroad and ability to keep an overview in sensitive situations, I help with the preparations and use my large network of national and international funeral homes and service providers, whom I have trusted for years.


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My road to grief counseling

Today, when people ask me about working at a funeral home, I now always say the same thing: „If I had known a little more about the funeral business after I graduated from high school, my resume would look different.“ I would have loved to have done my apprenticeship there and who knows, maybe one day open my own funeral home.

But I was at least fortunate enough to learn about the profession through other avenues, and I’m insanely grateful for my employer (now client) at the time for sharing his knowledge with me and giving me experiences that others don’t get to have in their lives.

I applied because the job description was interesting and diverse. Somehow the industry suited me, as I have been out of the ordinary with many decisions in my life and have no fear of contact in unusual areas. Usually the reaction to the profession tends to be one of shock, disgust, cautious curiosity or rejection. That didn’t stop me. And now, five years later, I am allowed to offer affected people a competent contact person for questions, worries, formalities or even just comfort.

You don’t get a manual in life on how to deal with death, what steps to take in the event of a death, how to even prepare. I am happy to clarify and give those affected the reassuring feeling that someone is taking care of the difficult matters and that they have their time to grieve.

Grief counseling virtually?
How does that work?

As mentioned above, I am not a certified mortician (sadly this profession is not protected in Germany, anyone can do it) and I do not own a funeral home. But many things can be done virtually.

Many affected people only need a guide or somebody to take over the communication with the authorities or local funeral homes. Some would like to find out in advance what they should consider when choosing a funeral home, how they should behave in the event of a death. I can do most of my tasks online, by email or by phone.

I provide the following services

  • Initial contact and research on the current situation 
  • Point of contact for all parties involved 
  • Cooperation with public authorities, embassies, hospitals, law enforcement, district attorneys, funeral home, service providers etc.
  • Search and communication with a suitable funeral home in Germany (experience with foreign transfers and compliance with legal requirements)
  • International transfer organization / Repatriation
  • Taking over all procedures and handling of documents as far as legally possible for me (there are some formalities that have to be done personally by the next to kin, where I also help you every step of the way)

Ms. Pearce was an absolute godsend for us! She supported us with the formalities, the communication and the transfer of my father from the USA to Germany and kept us informed about all the steps. In her we had an energetic, professional and reliable contact person, always available for us and in constant contact with our local funeral home. Humanity and willingness to help are the top priorities for Mrs. Pearce.
We thank her very much and can only recommend her highly!

Best regards
Daniel Essenbreis and family

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